The 15 Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2024

The 15 Luxury Brands That Are the Most Popular On The Internet:  It is possible to reliably forecast future sales based on how popular the best luxury brands in the world are in online communities. Even the most digitally resistant brands are now embracing online channels in order to reach and engage with younger consumers who have more disposable income. Digital activations may be more important now than they have ever been before for many luxury brands. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

This is the fifth year in a row that Luxe Digital has compiled a list of the most successful luxury brands online and ranked them according to their level of popularity. Our ranking has developed into an essential and dependable indicator of future performance for the most prestigious luxury brands in the world over the course of these many years.

Every luxury brand that made our list is currently receiving a significant amount of attention from customers. They both drive significant online conversations across a variety of social media channels and search engines. They are at the epicenter of what modern consumers with plenty of disposable income care about.

The resilience of the luxury market is once again illustrated by the continued success of luxury brands. Luxury brands, on the other hand, need to maintain their adaptability in the face of economic, geopolitical, and monetary headwinds around the world. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The question that needs to be answered is, which luxury brands will be the best at maintaining their brand identity while successfully adapting to new luxury paradigms in the midst of an uncertain context?

Even though the global environment is constantly shifting, the three overarching trends that we identified for the future of luxury goods are just as important as they were before. It is anticipated that by 2025, thirty percent of all global sales of luxury goods will take place online, which will make the internet the single most valuable sales channel for luxury brands. Shoppers who fall into the Millennial and Gen Z categories are the sector’s primary growth driver.

By the year 2025, the combined spending power of these two generations of wealthy consumers will account for 70 percent of all sales of luxury goods. Last but not least, the performance of the industry over the next few years will be determined by the demand for luxury goods among Chinese consumers. China was projected to account for 42.5% of total global sales of luxury goods by 2025; however, the growth of the market is currently uncertain.

The 15 Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023
The 15 Most Popular Luxury Brands Online

Because of these three developments, luxury brands are being forced to acknowledge the importance of digital marketing if they want to continue their expansion and appeal to forthcoming generations of wealthy consumers. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not the most luxurious brands in the world have an online presence and how they’ve performed there, you can stop thinking about it now. In this brand-new ranking of the best luxury brands available online, we pull back the curtain and reveal all of the juicy data and specifics.

You will learn in this article which luxury brands are currently receiving the most attention and are in high demand on the internet. Here, we highlight some of the most noteworthy digital initiatives and successful new product launches that help explain their current popularity on the internet.

In a nutshell, the position of a few different luxury brands moved noticeably up or down in our annual ranking.

  • Once again, Gucci is the most popular brand that can be found online. However, the proportion of search interest that it holds continues to decrease (falling from 17.5% in 2020 to 15.2% in 2021 and then to 14.8% in 2022).
  • The rise of Dior is proceeding unabatedly.
  • On their own, the top five brands attract the attention of 56% of wealthy consumers who shop online.
  • The majority of brands, particularly those that rank among the top 10, have relatively low levels of engagement on social media. We believe that this trend is being driven by reallocations of marketing budgets away from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Twenty percent of the companies on our list are considered to be in the hard luxury segment.
  • Ralph Lauren makes his debut and immediately shoots up to the tenth position, while Estée Lauder makes a comeback at position number 15, becoming the only pure beauty brand to make the list.
  • Burberry fell off the list, falling from number 14 to number 17.
  • This year, Omega, Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Lancôme were unable to break into the top 15 brands.

What factors go into determining how popular a luxury brand is on the internet? When compiling this list, we took into account a number of different factors, including brand value, search share of voice, and conversations on social media. At the very end of this article, you will find a section that provides further details about the methodology and data sources that we used.

For the purpose of compiling this ranking, our attention is solely focused on luxury brands in the fields of fashion, beauty, and “hard luxury” (jewelry and watches). The best brands of luxury automobiles are covered in a report of their own on our website.


1. Gucci

The Italian luxury fashion house Gucci has taken the number one spot on our list of the most popular luxury brands online for the past five years in a row, solidifying its position as the industry’s preeminent authority on luxury fashion. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Despite this, the star label, which is owned by Kering, is continuing to lose popularity on the internet. This year, there is less of a gap between Gucci and the brand that comes in second on the list, which is Dior. The percentage of total search interest that is held by Gucci continues to fall, going from 17.5% in the year 2020 to 15.2% in the year 2021 and 14.8% in the year 2022.

Even though the luxury brand is making investments in driving more direct online sales through, the amount of traffic to Gucci’s official website has decreased by 7% in spite of these investments.

Despite this, Gucci continues to be one of the most successful digital performers in the industry, despite having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary in the year 2021.

Its social media audience across all digital platforms is vastly superior to that of the vast majority of other luxury fashion brands across the world; the Italian luxury brand has over 78.2 million active followers all over the world. Only Chanel is performing better with 89.1 million active followers across all of its social media platforms.

Gucci conducted experiments with cryptocurrency payments in some of its U.S. outlet stores, became involved in esports, and expanded its presence in web3 virtual worlds, with initiatives such as its SuperGucci NFTs and the 10KTF Gucci Grail, as well as its persistent digital space, Gucci Town on Roblox.

In addition to embracing digital innovations, Gucci is also open to gender fluidity and a sustainable supply chain. These are two important values, particularly for the younger generations of luxury shoppers who are highly sought after.

The year got off to a strong start for the Florentine fashion house with another buzz-worthy eco-sustainable collaboration with the outerwear giant The North Face. And more recently, Gucci introduced the long-awaited results of its collaboration with Adidas. 

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The collection fuses elements of streetwear and Italian sartorial tradition across a wide range of apparel, accessories, and footwear, including everything from designer sneakers to loafers, slides, and heels. The luxury brand’s appeal is broadened further by the launch of new members of the Gucci Beauty family.

The launch of House of Gucci the year before also played a role in contributing to the growing popularity of the brand in the luxury resale market.

An interesting move was made by the company with the double G’s when they chose Laurent Cathala to fill the role of President of Greater China. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

This was done in order to ensure a stronger local execution in one of the brand’s most strategic markets (and certainly one to watch in an industry where strategy is typically dictated by executives based in the European headquarters).

Most popular Gucci items online

When people were looking for Gucci online, the following items were the ones they most frequently looked for:

  • Gucci shoes
  • Gucci bag
  • Gucci belt
  • Gucci t-shirt
  • Gucci watch

2. Dior 

Dior continues its steady ascent on our ranking of the best luxury brands available online, moving up from the fifth position in 2020 to now taking the second spot in our ranking of the best luxury brands available online. 

The French luxury goods company Christian Dior, or just Dior for short, benefited from the continued success of the Lady Dior bag as well as the rebound of its beauty line, which was driven by makeup and perfume (thanks to the continued popularity of its iconic fragrances Sauvage, Miss Dior, and J’Adore). In particular, the Lady Dior bag contributed significantly to the company’s success.

To sum it all up, we can say that Dior, which will reopen its historic birthplace at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris in March 2022, continues to demonstrate its vitality as a leading luxury brand online by maintaining a strong momentum of online revenue and omnichannel developments. The number of people visiting the company’s website has increased by 12% in comparison to the previous year. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

It’s interesting to note that Dior’s social media engagement has significantly decreased. We believe that this is a direct consequence of the luxury brand shifting their marketing budget away from Facebook and Instagram in order to place more of an emphasis on driving traffic to their own website. The company’s overall profitability for the year would improve as a result of this development.

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The much-anticipated Dior x Birkenstock Cottagecore-inspired collaboration, which has been given the official name Dior by Birkenstock, has strengthened the desire for the French Maison’s products among younger generations of wealthy consumers and has generated buzz among those consumers. 

The French luxury brand Dior also joined the wellness transformation of luxury with its Dior x Technogym Dior Vibe, which is a collection of home fitness equipment developed in collaboration with the company Technogym, which specializes in the production of sports equipment as well as digital technologies. 

This is proof, if we ever needed it, that one-of-a-kind collaborations are still very much in fashion and are what is driving luxury brands forward.

The most popular Dior products available online

The following items were the ones that people looked for most frequently when searching for Dior on the internet:

  • Dior bag
  • Dior perfume
  • Shoes by Dior
  • Dior sneakers
  • Dior makeup
  • T-shirt made by Dior

3. Chanel

Chanel, the illustrious French fashion house, falls to third place on our ranking of the most popular luxury brands available online, moving down from second place. This is primarily attributable to Dior’s impressive performances; nonetheless, interest in Chanel has remained relatively consistent from one year to the next.

The number of people following the fashion brand on social media has increased by 9% year over year, while the number of people visiting the Chanel website each month has remained the same at 8.6 million.( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Chanel is notoriously known for avoiding the sale of its handbags and clothing items via the internet, making the company one of the last digital holdouts in the luxury fashion industry. However, the illustrious French luxury Maison shines brightest on social media, and it continues to hold the top spot on our list as the luxury brand that has the largest social media audience.

Chanel is one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world, and it continues to be a byword for luxury all over the world. This is driven by strong demand across all of Chanel’s product lines, and in particular for its ultra-luxurious quilted Classic Flap Bag (which has a purchase limit per person per year; this purchase restriction could be replicated on other high-end products and in more countries).

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Notably, Chanel is rumored to start rolling out a number of invite-only private boutiques in Asia in 2023 for its most valuable customers. This move would further consolidate the brand’s push toward exclusivity.( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Chanel, best known for its “little black dress,” celebrated the 100th anniversary of its iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume in 2021. This event, along with the success of Bleu and Coco Mademoiselle, contributed to the growth of the Fragrance category. The expansion of the skincare industry was another factor in the growth of the beauty industry.

Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was Coco Chanel’s early business partner, continue to own the privately held company that bears their family name.

Products most frequently purchased from Chanel online

The following items were the ones that came up most frequently in people’s searches for Chanel on the internet:

  • Chanel bag
  • Chanel perfume
  • earring designs by Chanel
  • Chanel necklace
  • Chanel lipstick
  • Wallet made by Chanel
  • Shoes from Chanel

4. Louis Vuitton

On our ranking of the most popular luxury brands online, the French luxury house Louis Vuitton, which is owned by the mega luxury conglomerate LVMH, moved up one spot to fourth place after regaining one point on our ranking scale.  ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

However, there is no cause for celebration because Louis Vuitton’s actual share of search interest has continued to decline over the past few years. A relatively larger share of search interest was gained by some of the lesser-known brands on our ranking, which resulted in Louis Vuitton’s online popularity declining.

However, Louis Vuitton has the website with the highest traffic volume, with an average of 13.2 million visitors each month. Although this is a slight decrease from the previous year, it is still a significant margin of victory over every other luxury brand on our list.

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In addition to continuing to show its popularity in China, which is a strategically important market for luxury brands, Louis Vuitton is the only luxury company to make it into the top 10 most valuable European brands with a brand value of 20.2 billion euros (compared to 15.6 billion euros for Gucci and 13.2 billion euros for Chanel).

The presentation of Louis Dreamhouse, Virgil Abloh’s final collection for Louis Vuitton, and the expansion of product offerings across all product categories are two of the year’s most memorable moments.  ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The Tambour Horizon Light Up connected watch made its debut during this year as well. In addition, the luxury fashion brand introduced two new leather ateliers in the Vendôme neighborhood, thereby increasing its level of production in France.

Following the release of its stand-alone mobile app, Louis: The Game, in the preceding year, Louis Vuitton is continuing its exploration of non-fungible tokens in its digital ecosystem (NFTs). 

The heritage company encourages players to work through the game’s puzzles in order to earn the chance to participate in a drawing for a variety of PFP (profile pic) NFTs.

The most sought-after Louis Vuitton products available online

People most frequently looked for these Louis Vuitton products when they were conducting an internet search for the brand:

  • Louis Vuitton bag
  • Louis Vuitton wallet
  • Louis Vuitton shoes
  • Louis Vuitton sneakers
  • Louis Vuitton card holder

5. Hermès

On our ranking of the most popular luxury brands available online, the exclusive luxury brand Hermès falls to fifth place after suffering a significant drop in popularity and falling two places. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

 On the other hand, every other indicator points in a positive direction, including a growth of 9% in total social media audience and a growth of 20% year-over-year traffic to the brand’s official website.

Hermès continues to enjoy excellent desirability for its timelessly classic products, particularly in the handbag category with the extremely coveted Birkin bag, which frequently generates long waiting lists.

This is especially true in the handbag category. On resale websites like Fashionphile and Farfetch, the demand for pre-owned Hermès goods is consistently high.

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One possible explanation for this is that the brand’s classic appeal and enduring desirability have stood the test of time.

When it comes to the first-hand market, Hermès continues to maintain a very conservative stance, offering only a carefully curated selection of high-end watches that can be purchased exclusively through Mr. Porter. 

At this time, Hermès does not have any kind of partnership with any of the other multibrand retailers. However, the brand has significantly increased the number of products that are available on its official website, and customers can now make purchases online from a wide variety of product categories.

The most sought-after Hermès products available online

The following items were the ones that came up most frequently in people’s searches for Hermès on the internet:

  • Hermès bag
  • Hermès Birkin
  • Hermès Kelly

6. Rolex

Rolex, which is the most sought-after luxury watch brand online, has maintained a remarkable level of consistency, coming in at number six on our ranking of the most popular luxury brands that can be found online. 

The Swiss luxury watch brand was able to maintain its position despite dropping two spots in the rankings the previous year. This was accomplished through a combination of the release of new models as well as the growing interest in purchasing pre-owned watches online. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The constantly rising resale value of vintage Rolex watches is indeed not only fueling interest for the brand as a safe investment asset class to protect against inflation, but it is also driving conversations online. 

This is because of the brand’s long history of producing high-quality timepieces. If you take a look at our list of the top 15 most expensive Rolex, you can see that wealthy consumers still have an interest in rare pieces despite the fact that they are being sold at auction for record-breaking prices.

The shortage of Rolex watches and the existence of waiting lists are not recent developments, but their presence is becoming more obvious. It is believed that “Exhibition Only” watch displays in brick-and-mortar Rolex stores are driving customers online to shop for the brand’s watches. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Even though Rolex is arguably the most well-known and popular luxury watch brand in the world, the company still does not offer e-commerce options (nor does it allow its authorized dealers to sell its watches online). 

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Although this makes Rolex a rare breed, the growing popularity of online luxury resale sites has created more opportunities for people to buy Rolex watches online.

If you do decide to purchase a vintage Rolex, however, you should make sure that you can trust the seller or go to reputable dealers such as Bob’s Watches or eBay, which both offer an authenticity guarantee.

Traditional watch brands, particularly those that are considered entry-level brands, are feeling the pressure as a result of the fact that the Apple Watch has outsold the entire Swiss watch industry. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Rolex achieved record-breaking levels of retail sales revenue, largely as a result of the exceptional brand recognition it enjoys. In addition, the company continued to expand its market share, finishing the year with almost a third (29%) of the global luxury watch market. 

This is an increase from the 25% market share it held in the previous year. For the time being, the prestige of the brand and its cult-like following continue to support the growth of sales, which is especially important considering that younger people who are financially successful make up a larger portion of consumers who are interested in purchasing the best luxury watch brands.

The most popular Rolex products available online

The following items were the ones that came up most frequently in people’s searches for Rolex on the internet:

  • Rolex Submariner 
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual 
  • Rolex Daytona 
  • Rolex Date
  • Just Rolex Yacht-Master 
  • Rolex Explorer

7. Tiffany

Tiffany & Co., an American luxury jewelry brand that has been owned by the French conglomerate LVMH ever since the company was purchased by LVMH in January 2021, has maintained its position on our list, coming in at the seventh spot. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Now that the tumultuous saga of Tiffany’s acquisition by the French luxury group has been resolved, the iconic jewelry brand will be able to concentrate on expanding its product portfolio and engaging younger generations of wealthy consumers. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

And it does so exceptionally well. The introduction of the brand-new Knot collection across the world was met with outstanding success. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The hard jewelry category as a whole reaped the benefits of consistent tailwinds throughout the entirety of 2021, with sales reaching their apex during the holiday shopping season at the year’s end.

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Although traffic to Tiffany’s website has remained relatively constant, the percentage of users actively engaging with the brand’s posts on social media has significantly decreased, most likely as a result of shifting budgets for marketing.

In March 2022, Tiffany & Co. made its initial foray into the metaverse by purchasing Okapi NFT from Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory for 115 Ethereum. This marked the company’s entry into the space.

And despite the fact that Tiffany & Co.’s subsequent venture into a cryptocurrency was just an April Fool’s Day joke, the luxury brand did create limited-edition 18-karat gold TiffCoins. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The most sought-after Tiffany products available online

When people were looking for Tiffany online, the following products were the ones that came up most frequently:

  • Tiffany engagement rings
  • Tiffany watches
  • Tiffany necklace
  • Tiffany bracelet
  • Earrings by Tiffany & Co.

8. Prada

Prada, which is owned by a family, has maintained its position at number eight on our ranking of the best luxury brands available online after achieving remarkable success on the international stage and climbing five spots since we published this ranking a year ago. 

The traffic to the website of the Italian luxury fashion house has increased by 14% year over year, and the audience on social media has increased by 9% over the same time period. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

All of the online brand visibility metrics for the Italian luxury fashion house are positive.

Following a move upmarket and online to revive sales, Prada continues to increasingly appeal to younger affluent consumers. For its Spring 2022 campaign, the company, for instance, tapped into the cult appeal of the HBO hit “Euphoria.”

In addition to being a founding member of the Aura consortium, Prada is an early adopter of new technology across both its physical and digital retail locations, specifically blockchain. This helps to improve the overall customer experience. 

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After making its initial foray into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in January with Adidas Originals, Prada is continuing to broaden its Web3 presence and making further inroads into the metaverse. 

Since they are now accessible to the general public, we anticipate that they will make extensive use of the digital collectibles that Instagram offers. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The Italian company Prada has introduced its Timecapsule NFT Collection, which consists of a limited-edition physical item and a gifted NFT that are released on the first Thursday of each month on the Prada Crypted website section and are only available for a period of one day. 

The Italian fashion house also created unique Prada Linea Rossa outfits for the online multiplayer racing game Riders Republic, which was developed by Ubisoft in collaboration with the company.

The most sought-after Prada items available online

The following items were the ones that people looked for most frequently when searching for Prada online:

  • Prada bag
  • Prada sneakers
  • Prada shoes
  • Prada perfume

9. Versace

After climbing ten notches up our ranking of the most popular luxury brands sold online in just the past year, Versace, which was established in 1978 by Gianni Versace, has further solidified its position. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The extravagant Italian luxury brand maintains its position as the top-performing luxury brand on social media by maintaining an engagement rate of 14%, which is significantly higher than that of its rivals. The average engagement rate for the luxury brands on our list is 7.2%. 

However, when compared to the rates of engagement seen in previous years, this one is noticeably lower.

When Capri Holdings, formerly known as Michael Kors Holdings, purchased the Italian brand Versace in 2018, there was already evidence of the brand’s potential among younger wealthy consumers. 

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And because of fashion shows and celebrity red carpet dressing moments (with people like Bella and Gigi Hadid), Versace generates a significant amount of media and social media coverage for its unmistakable style.

From its origins in haute-couture to its ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, and home furnishings collections, Versace offers customers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle that invites them into its glamorous Italian world. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

In order to reach customers all over the world, Versace relies on a wide variety of distribution channels. These channels include not only the company’s own brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces (which together serve 85 countries), but also multi-brand retailers and online marketplaces.

The most popular items sold online by Versace.

When people were looking for Versace online, the following products were the ones that were most frequently searched for:

  • Versace perfume (Versace Dylan Blue fragrance, Versace Crystal Noir, Versace Eros)
  • Versace sunglasses
  • Versace jeans

10. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been working to improve its reputation as a high-end luxury brand by increasing its direct-to-consumer presence and focusing on new full-price consumer acquisitions. This strategy appears to be paying off for the company. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The American fashion house enters our ranking of the best luxury brands available online for the very first time, and it immediately jumps to position ten after making such a dramatic ascent. 

In 2022, Polo Ralph Lauren anticipates a significant increase in revenue generated from online sales, particularly in the Asian market. 

Ralph Lauren is in a strong position to gain additional traction given that its website receives 8.9 million monthly visitors and that it has 25.5 million followers across its various social media platforms. Each and every digital metric is, in fact, higher than the average for the industry.

Ralph Lauren is an American brand that is being pressured to embrace the power of diversity and inclusion in order to share a more complete and authentic portrait of the American dream. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

This is because of the increasing importance of embracing a broader and younger audience, which has kept the brand relevant for more than 50 years thanks to Ralph Lauren’s classic designs that have stood the test of time. 

Which Ralph Lauren appears to have begun doing, based on its most recent advertising campaigns and collection releases (i.e. the limited-edition capsule with Morehouse and Spelman Colleges).

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Ralph Lauren has made it abundantly clear that it is committed to sustainability, and the company continues to deliver innovations that support circularity and its ongoing environmental efforts. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

At the Australian Open Tennis Tournament in 2022, the company presented the world’s first cotton-based performance material to the public for the first time. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Ralph Lauren has just recently made the Live On promise, which states that the company will work to extend the life of its products in a variety of ways, including the product design as well as providing consumers with opportunities to rent, repair, and recirculate their purchases.

The most sought-after Ralph Lauren products available online

People looking for Ralph Lauren on the internet most frequently looked for products related to the following categories:

  • Ralph Lauren polos
  • Ralph Lauren perfume
  • T-shirt designed by Ralph Lauren
  • Ralph Lauren jacket
  • a shirt by Ralph Lauren

11. Armani

Armani falls to the twelfth position on our list of the best luxury brands to be found online, dropping one spot from its previous position. This is primarily attributable to Ralph Lauren’s ascent to the number ten spot, despite the fact that Armani’s website continues to receive the same 2 million visitors on a monthly basis.

The Italian luxury fashion house that is privately owned and was started by Giorgio Armani in 1975 was ranked number seven on our list just two years ago, so the general downward trend is noticeable. Armani was born in 1975. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Armani caters to three primary demographics with its various brands: those with a higher disposable income for Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani, those in the middle income bracket for Emporio Armani, and younger fashionistas for A|X Armani Exchange.

Armani has opened its first virtual beauty store in virtual Piccadilly Circus, which was inspired by its real-life pop-up concept in London. The store invites customers to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s beauty portfolio and is modeled after the real-life pop-up location in London. 

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The 3D virtual store offers both brand-new and cult-favorite beauty products for purchase. Additionally, the store gives users the opportunity to book personalized consultations with beauty consultants, engage in conversation with makeup artists, and view exclusive content. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Armani entered into a partnership with the online retailer Yoox Net-a-Porter, which already manages, to implement an AI-backed omnichannel business model. 

This model will support increased sustainability, transparency, and circularity by enabling Armani customers to check product availability in inventory across the brand’s digital stores as well as its physical boutiques. Full integration is expected to take place this year.

The most sought-after Armani products available online

When people are looking for Armani online, the following items are the ones that they search for the most:

  • Armani T-shirt
  • Armani jeans
  • Armani perfume
  • Armani watch
  • Armani shoes
  • Armani sneakers

12. Cartier

After falling one spot to thirteenth place the year before, the French luxury jewelry and high-end watch brand Cartier has reclaimed its position as the twelfth most popular luxury brand online. Cartier was established in 1847. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

This is accomplished while simultaneously enhancing all of its primary digital metrics. Traffic to the brand website for Cartier has increased by 7.7% when compared to the previous year. 

During the same time period, the number of people who follow the brand online increased by 11%, and the combined percentage of people who engage with it on social media increased to 7.3%. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Given the overall decrease in social media engagement that we’re seeing for the majority of the luxury brands that are at the top of our ranking, the engagement rate increase is especially remarkable when taken into consideration.

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Jewelry (including High Jewelry), which benefited from the resumption of events and renewed interest in hard luxury as safe investments, as well as Watches, are both areas that are contributing to the expansion of the jeweler that is owned by Richemont.

Cartier is generating a lot of buzz not only because of its iconic collections (Love, Panthère, Santos, and Ballon Bleu), but also because the brand routinely releases novelties, some of which were presented at Watches & Wonders. Some of these novelties were presented at the event. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Customers covet Cartier’s love bangles (one of the most searched-for pieces of jewelry on Google) and Panthers watches as a reference to genuine and enduring luxury, and they are becoming more at ease with the idea of purchasing expensive items online. Indeed, e-commerce has played and will continue to play a significant part in the expansion of the French jewelry house.

 It is a testament to Cartier’s ability to resonate with the new generations of luxury shoppers that Millennials will account for 65% of Cartier’s customer base in the year 2022.

Cartier also strengthened its social commitments, specifically focusing on the empowerment of women, through the Cartier Women’s Initiative and the Women’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai (October 2021-March 2022), both of which celebrated women changemakers from all over the world.

The most sought-after Cartier products available online

The following items were the ones that people looked for most frequently when searching for Cartier on the internet:

  • Cartier bracelet (Cartier Love bracelet)
  • Cartier watches and jewelry Cartier rings
  • Cartier glasses

13. Valentino

The year 2021 was an important one for Valentino. The Roman brand went through a repositioning, and it came back to its roots to become the Italian Maison de Couture that excels above all others. Notably, we included it for the very first time on our ranking of the most popular luxury brands to be purchased online in the previous year.

Valentino falls to number thirteen in the rankings, having lost two points. However, this is primarily attributable to the improved performance of Ralph Lauren and Cartier as opposed to the underperformance of the Italian fashion brand. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

In point of fact, Valentino improved upon all of its primary digital metrics over the course of this year. The number of monthly visitors to the website of the Italian luxury fashion brand increased to 1.2 million, and the brand’s social media accounts boast a total of 23 million followers, which is 16% more than in 20221. The rate of online engagement is also impressively high at 7.6%.

Maison Valentino is now in a better position to support its new momentum on sustainability and organic growth, which is being driven by strong demand for accessories, as a result of focusing its energies on a single label (Goodbye, Red Valentino) and eliminating the use of fur in its designs. 

The Valentino Vintage program represents the continuation of the brand’s commitment to responsible business practices.

The Ultimate Luxury Gift Giving Guide for 2023

Valentino Garavani established the Roman brand in 1960 in Rome; however, the company has never had a more youthful vibe. For this season’s collection, Valentino eschewed its signature shade of red in favor of a monochromatic palette comprised of only two hues: hot pink and black. Zendaya, an American actress who is also a social media celebrity, is the face of a new advertising campaign that was launched by Valentino. 

While the color “Pink PP,” a bright shade of pink that Pantone created especially for Valentino (and in keeping with the dopamine dressing trend that we simply cannot get enough of this season, may we add), dressed up every detail of the Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion show that was presented during Paris Fashion Week.

It also released its first sneaker with a conscience, which was made from recycled and bio-based materials.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Valentino Beauty made a daring entrance into the cosmetics industry around the middle of 2021. This was a fantastic way to keep the exclusivity of the brand and attract people to Valentino’s luxury world without having to lower prices.( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The most sought-after Valentino products available online

When people search for Valentino online, the following collections are the ones that come up the most frequently:

  • Valentino bags
  • Valentino shoes
  • Valentino perfume

14. Balenciaga

The Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga, which was established in 1917 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, is continuing to suffer in terms of its online popularity. Balenciaga is now ranked number fourteen on our list of the best luxury brands available online, having fallen a total of two places since 2021, when it was the brand that suffered the largest drop on our list (a staggering six points), when it was the brand that suffered the largest drop.

Balenciaga reaped the benefits of the successful performance of its original designer sneakers collection a few years ago, as evidenced by the search terms that are most frequently associated with the brand. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

However, despite their contribution to the development of the ugly dad shoe trend, the Triple S sneakers were unable to generate the same level of excitement as the Speed Trainers. 

However, the Balenciaga Track 2 sneakers that were released in 2020 did not succeed in bringing the brand back up to its previous level of success. 

And we are not convinced that the brand will receive the support it needs in order to climb back up the rank from its most recent collection of Paris Fully Destroyed sneakers or from its heeled Crocs.

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Balenciaga, which is owned by Kering, continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds and very influential (It even made it to 2022 TIME100 Most Influential Companies).

Perhaps controversial and divisive in opinion. Certainly igniting conversations in people’s minds.( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Balenciaga continues to break with conventional codes with high-profile collaborations such as the Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga or Balenciaga x Adidas. 

This comes after Balenciaga and Gucci worked together on a project called The Hacker Project, which was the first-ever collaboration between two major players in the luxury goods industry.

 The brand also continues to push the boundaries between fashion, culture, and entertainment through its daring partnerships. For example, the brand recently solidified a partnership with Fortnite that enabled players to dress in the brand’s signature looks.

Additionally, the brand recently created a Balenciaga-themed episode of The Simpsons that was broadcast during Paris Fashion Week.( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The year 2022 was also the year that Balenciaga dominated the red carpet at the Met Gala, released a campaign that featured Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, and unveiled its new London flagship store on Bond Street. Additionally, the brand commemorated its return to Haute Couture by reissuing Y2K archival pieces, such as the Le Cagole collection.

The most sought-after Balenciaga products available online

The following Balenciaga collections are the ones that people look for most frequently when they are searching for the brand online:

  • Balenciaga sneakers
  • Balenciaga Triple S 
  • Balenciaga Track 
  • Balenciaga Speed Trainer 
  • Balenciaga shoes

15. Estée Lauder

The most well-known and rapidly expanding pure player in the luxury beauty market on our list, the American prestige brand Estée Lauder makes a dramatic comeback to our ranking, moving up six spots to number fifteen after gaining six points in just one year. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Estée Lauder is still a relatively small company, with 2 million monthly visitors to its website and 7.2 million followers across its social media platforms. Despite this, the company has seen a significant increase year over year, which is evidence of the market’s renewed interest in cosmetic products.

 It is true that Estée Lauder is the brand in the industry that is in the best position to capitalize on the rising number of sales that are being conducted online for prestige beauty brands.

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It was the exclusive beauty brand partner of the first-ever Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, where it released the first NFT of its hero product, the iconic Advanced Night Repair. Estee Lauder is a prestige beauty heritage player that has entered the metaverse. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

In comparison to the previous year, there has been an increase in the number of occasions on which makeup is used, which has contributed to the expansion of the Makeup category, which is being driven by the Double Wear product line. 

Also on the rise is the fragrance market, which is being propelled in large part by the brand’s newly introduced Luxury Fragrance Collection (with mood-boosting scents).

Most popular Estée Lauder items online

When people were looking for Estée Lauder online, the following products were the ones that came up most frequently:

  • Estée Lauder foundation (Double Wear)
  • Estée Lauder serum (Advanced Night Repair)
  • Estée Lauder perfume

The most important things to remember about luxury brands in order to achieve online popularity

Digital players are vying for the top spot in a rapidly expanding market segment as it is anticipated that thirty percent of all luxury product sales will take place online by the year 2025.

In this installment of our series on the future of digital luxury retail, we examine how the industry is rapidly transforming, with luxury brands opening their own online stores and multi-brand retailers attempting to reinvent themselves as platforms and technology providers. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

The vast majority of luxury brands, including Gucci, currently provide customers with the opportunity to shop online through websites that they directly operate, such as However, there are still some luxury brands that refuse to participate in online sales.

Notably, Rolex did not yet have an online sales presence in 2022, and Louis Vuitton’s products were only available for purchase through its in-house multi-brand retailer, 24 Sèvres.

Mono-brand websites are quickly gaining ground, despite the fact that multi-brand retailers continue to be the primary drivers of the majority of online luxury sales.

It is anticipated that mono-brand e-commerce websites will constitute forty percent of the online market, up from thirty percent in 2019. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

In addition to the three major shifts that were discussed in the introduction, we found seven trends that are having a significant impact on the future of the luxury industry.

  • The race to resell: secondhand luxury goods are becoming first-class priorities
  • Pixels that are worth their weight in gold: NFTs to the moon
  • Step inside the Metaverse, where worlds of creative potential await you.
  • Easy and convenient shopping: The launch of social commerce on a global scale
  • A move toward a more comprehensive way of thinking about values is one step toward achieving sustainable sustainability.
  • Localization, localization, localization: a retreat into the familiarity of one’s own home, a sanctuary from the monotony of the world
  • You-niverse, comprised of young people: data-driven digital experiences as a source of competitive advantage

Conclusions and musings

The market is being held back by worries about a global economic slowdown as well as international conflicts.

Although it does not appear that the impact of these macro events has (yet) reduced online interest for luxury brands, brands still need to double down on digital if they want to remain competitive and relevant to their younger consumers, who are the driving force behind the growth of the global luxury market.

At Luxe Digital, we believe that the key to a brand’s longevity is to continue to place an emphasis on value-driven and conscious elevated living.

Opportunities to future-proof a business lie in being resilient, agile, and nimble in the face of shifting consumer behaviors and an unpredictable environment.

This requires not only a concentration on an omnichannel strategy, as is obvious, but also an emphasis on the high quality, long-lasting nature, and timeless nature of their products, as well as the delivery of sustainability throughout the value chain.

Leaning in and transforming themselves from a model that is brand-centric, controlled, and confidential to an organization that is more transparent, engaging, and customer-centric is a necessity for luxury brands.

The most successful luxury brands will have a greater advantage over the least successful digital performers if they are able to provide a form of meaningful value that is both timely and timeless and empower consumers to express their individual identities.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Finest Luxury Brands

Which prestigious labels did not make the cut for the top 15?

We began by compiling a list of the top 100 luxury brands in the world; however, the majority of the brands that appeared on this first list did not make the cut for the top 15. The brands of Burberry, Swarovski, Lancome, Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, and Tom Ford, in that order, are the ones that fall just short of expectations.

What exactly constitutes a luxury brand?

A brand is considered to be high-end if it produces high-quality goods using superior components and skilled labor in the manufacturing process. However, the value that one places on the products of a luxury brand is, of course, a matter of opinion. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Which manufacturer’s products are the most expensive?

The most valuable luxury brand in the world is undoubtedly Louis Vuitton. If a company were interested in purchasing the brand from the LVMH group, it would also be the most expensive brand in the world to do so.

What exactly does it mean to be considered a luxury brand?

A luxury brand is one that creates high-end products and services, as well as sells those products and services. The luxury market is typically characterized by a demand that is elastic, which indicates that customers will increase their spending on luxury items as their income increases. When income drops, consumers are much less able to spend lavishly on luxuries. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Who makes the most expensive brand, Gucci or another?

When comparing products of equal quality, Louis Vuitton typically charges a higher price than Gucci does. However, the final price of a luxury item can be affected by a number of factors, including the country in which the item is purchased as well as any applicable international duties that must be paid. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Which of the following is an illustration of a luxury good?

A Hermès Birkin bag, a Rolex Daytona, a Tiffany engagement ring, and a pair of Gucci sneakers are just some of the many examples of luxury goods that can be purchased from some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Which shoe brand is known for being the most expensive?

Hermès is the most expensive brand of footwear that we have on our list. Hermès is the most expensive brand overall, despite the fact that every other luxury brand on our list offers a selection of shoes at a variety of price points. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Which brands of clothing are considered the most luxurious?

Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, Versace, Armani, Valentino, Balenciaga, Burberry, Saint Laurent, Fendi, Dolce Gabbana, and Tom Ford are the top 15 luxury clothing brands. Hermès, Prada, Versace, and Armani also make the list. All of these brands are associated with high-end fashion and clothing and produce designer garments. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

Which luxury brands are really worth the money?

All of the luxury brands on our list offer products that are well worth the investment. But in general, luxury goods are worth the money when you invest in classic items that can only be produced through the application of skilled craftsmanship. The majority of luxury brands also sell more approachable luxury items, such as accessories, perfumes, and beauty products, which may or may not be worth the price tag. ( Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2023 )

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