Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami

Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami: It would appear that there is a revival of movement taking place in the United States. The pandemic has brought to light the fact that a life lived away from big urban centers like San Francisco, California, can still be beneficial.

After a year of working from home, it appears that migration into new states and cities across the United States is on the rise. Miami, which is home to some of the most luxurious real estate in the world, is one of the states benefiting from this trend. (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

There is a solid reason why Miami has become a standard topic of debate whenever the topic of relocating away from the centers on the west coast is brought up.

Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami
Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami

We can see why some of the wealthiest people in the United States are moving completely or partially across the country to this tropical paradise: it is known for having warm weather throughout the entire year, as well as some of the best beaches, bars, transportation links, and business hubs in the world.

Why is everyone packing their bags and moving to Miami?

There are a plethora of reasons for this, with politics being only one of them (the regulations, laws, and taxes of individual states will be discussed in another article). Let’s begin with the money aspect first.

Everything from going out to dine to buying groceries and finding affordable child care is far more affordable in Miami.

Miami is a low tax haven at the state level, and neither individuals nor corporations are required to pay any personal income taxes.

This places Miami in a position to compete well with California’s expanding taxation regulations.

According to BeaconCouncil, the state of Florida has a relatively low rate of 5.5 percent for its corporate income tax. Additionally, the state does not have an inventory tax, a unitary tax, or any sales tax exemptions.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to relocate to a different part of the country. (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

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Because Miami is on ET, conducting business with the United Kingdom and the majority of Western Europe is significantly simpler thanks to the -4/-5 hour time difference between the two regions, in contrast to the west coast, which is behind by -7/-8 hours.

And obviously the weather, it goes without saying. (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

Miami is home to some of the world’s most luxurious real estate.

When I was doing research for this article and looking at properties in world-famous communities such as Allison Island, Brickell Key, Coconut Grove, Gables, and Palm Island (which brought back memories of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), it became clear that properties all over the magic city are just as luxurious and grandiose as those on the west coast, and in this article, I’m going to highlight a few of my personal favorites.

As is my custom, I have provided links to the pertinent realtors so that, should you be interested in learning more, you can do so. Here are some of  top picks for the year 2021 thus far! (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

1417 Venetian Way, San Marco is now on the market for $19,000,000.

Aspects of the Property (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

  • 6 Large Bedrooms
  • 6 WCs & Showers
  • Closets for Him and Her, a Theater, a Custom Kitchen, Separate Staff Quarters, and More
  • To be finished up toward the end of the year 2021 as planned.
  • Location on the water, offering views of both Miami Beach and the main island
  • a breathtaking example of contemporary building design

(Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

Coconut Grove address: 3725 Leafy Way [$17,500,000]

Aspects of the Property (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 10 WCs and Showers (full and half combined)
  • Two offices, a home gym, a custom kitchen, a utility kitchen, and a four-car garage, among other features.
  • A hybrid indoor and outdoor living space, complete with a pool and a garden designed in the style of the jungle
  • Inclusion of a separate detached guest house as well as a pool
  • Within easy reach to the conveniences of Coconut Grove

(Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

The asking price for 3591 Rockerman Road in Biscayne Bay is $16,900,000.

Aspects of the Property (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

  • 5 Large Bedrooms
  • 6 WCs & Showers
  • Along with a Waterfront location, this home also features a Large Infinity Pool, Rooftop Deck, His and Her Closets, and Luxury Appliances (Miele)
  • Interior design that is ultra-modern, including open floor plans and beach views.
  • 2017 Award of Excellence from the A1A Given to Max Strang Design
  • Dock measuring 41 square feet with an elevator

(Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

94 Palm Ave, Palm Island [$29,900,000]

Aspects of the Property (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 11 WCs and Showers
  • There is a home theater, a gourmet kitchen, a full gym, a pool house that is separate, and more.
  • Incredible and one-of-a-kind perspectives of the Miami cityscape and Biscayne Bay
  • Originally constructed in 2003 and most recently updated by Design2000
  • 11,000 square feet of living space on a property that is 60,000 square feet.

(Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

610 W Di Lido Drive, Miami Beach [$15,900,000]

Aspects of the Property (Top 5 Hottest Luxury Real Estate in Miami)

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 6 WCs & Showers
  • Rare marble flooring, a rooftop deck with entertaining space, a contemporary interior design, and a raised negative edge pool.
  • Stunning 360-degree views of Miami
  • Stunning pool with breathtaking views of the iconic skyline of Miami
  • IPE Yacht Dock and Lift Built to Order

What are your thoughts on these opulent real estate listings?

I’ve had a lot of fun checking over the various levels of luxury real estate in Miami. Because it has so much to offer, it is easy for me to understand why people of means would want a piece of the action.

Just take a look at some of those interior designs, some of those pools, and those views! Which home really caught your attention?

As always, I’m interested in learning your perspectives on this topic. Have your thoughts wandered to Miami at any point during the previous few months?

Are you interested in purchasing a mansion or other luxurious property in Miami? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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